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Residential & Commercial

Pacific Realty Co. was cofounded in the 1920s by Alphonse Pechoultres and has been a family-owned business ever since. Pacific Realty Co.’s longevity has given us the distinction of having worked with multiple generations of San Francisco and Bay Area families and the unequaled perspective of having seen and worked in a real estate market that has grown from 1 million people in the 1920s to over 7 million today.

We distinguish ourselves by our expertise, trust and reliability. Whether our clients’ interest lies in purchasing or selling a residence or a commercial matter, we stake our reputation one transaction at a time.

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and high ethical standards.

Our Services Include:

Client consultation

  • Meeting with clients to discuss and recognize their individual needs

Market analysis

  • Detailing current state and trends so our clients understand today’s real estate market

Property preparation

  • Aiding in the staging process or preparing a residence for a sale


  • Developing the best marketing strategy for our clients in order to target the appropriate audience

Tenant screening and management

  • Marketing any vacancies and screening tenants while abiding by all California non-discriminatory laws. A check of prospective tenant’s credit and history is a standard procedure

Secure transaction

  • Insuring that all transactions abide by the rules and regulations of the California Department of Real Estate

Expert referrals

  • Recommending qualified and trustworthy individuals, companies or services for any question beyond our scope. Whether a loan officer, attorney, contractor or mover, our established and reliable network is accessible to all our clients

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