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Property Management

San Francisco and some of the greater Bay Area cities have complex rules and regulations concerning rental properties. Pacific Realty Co. has been keeping up with these changing laws for over 90 years, reviewing every change to the statutes and determining the best management plans and methods of compliance for every building in our portfolio.

From single-family homes to 2-unit buildings and from multi-use properties to hotels, our goal is to achieve the highest level of performance for each property.

Our Services Include:


Collection of scheduled rents when due

  • Keeping records of rental payments and security deposits; making regular bank deposits and other needed financial transactions

Accounting services

  • Providing monthly and year-end financial statements to our owners

Financial transactions

  • Guaranteeing on-time payment of mortgages, insurances and taxes payments are made promptly when due

Tenant screening and management

  • Marketing any vacancies and screening tenants while abiding by all California non-discriminatory laws and ADA requirements. A check of prospective tenant’s credit and history is a standard procedure

Repairs and maintenance

  • Assuring that any significant work on your property is performed to code by a licensed contractor

Rent Board

  • Representing our clients at any hearing before the board

Though we strive to establish and maintain a good relationship with all tenants, some situations do arise that will be beyond our scope to resolve. We have a long standing working relationship with some of the best attorneys in San Francisco specializing in real estate.



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